On Starting my Freelancing Journey

A colleague introduced me to freelancing back in 2015, since then I have always wanted to work from but home, but I don’t have the necessary equipment. My husband supported the idea of me working from home, so we worked hard until we were able to buy a computer and get a reliable internet connection which are the basic requirements of Freelancing.

I thought I was ready so I decided to join the bandwagon of aspiring freelancers sometime in 2016.

The Struggles of Starting

 As in everything else, the hardest thing is always to start. You will always encounter the dilemma of when, where, and how to start. Then you will feel lost and overwhelmed with all the things that will just suddenly popped out. Things that are still unfamiliar and vague, that’s why some people give up. Some people give up in the middle of the fight and some give up without even starting anything at all.

I finally dared to leave the corporate world and started my freelancing journey thinking that the skills I have are enough to land me a job. For months I struggled to find a client. I joined every freelancing group there is just to learn techniques and get insights on how to survive this business. But it felt like the more I read and the more I encountered new freelancing terminologies, the more I felt lost and overwhelmed.

I struggled to even have my Upwork profile approved. Yes, I got interviewed by some clients, went through the hiring process but in the end, it turns out that someone else is always a better fit for the job. Then I started to lose confidence, I was afraid to apply even on jobs that I know I can always do. My confidence started to spiral down until it hit rock bottom.

So I went back to my comfort zone, the corporate world. I started doing again the things that I used to do… that I am familiar with. But the desire to be in the freelancing business has always been so strong that it always creeps in because I know that it is the path that I would like to take.

Getting the Courage to Start Again

I knew I needed help and It is one of those times when it seemed like all the universe had conspired to give me the thing that I have always wanted. I bumped into a Facebook page that offers a coaching program for freelancers. Knowing that I now have a strong support system, starting anew comes in handy. I got my Upwork profile approved, I was able to learn and practice new skills that I know would greatly benefit me as a Virtual Assistant and, as a Freelancer in general. 

It was a time I felt most ready to start my freelancing journey, however, it was also one of those times when life provided me with a great surprise.  I got pregnant with my third child and it wasn’t an easy pregnancy, I was not even able to complete the tasks provided to us. Then I got busy again taking care of my three kids and with the piling expenses, I felt that I have no other choice again but to go back to the corporate world.

Almost two years have passed since this happened but the eagerness to start my freelancing journey has always been there. Then came the pandemic and we were given the opportunity to work from home. Having the first-hand experience of working in the comfort of my home has again fueled my desire to start my freelancing journey and luckily, I stumbled upon a virtual assistant course that went on sale. This time, I am really hoping that I will be able to pursue it against all odds. This time, giving up is never going to be a part of the options. I am now more determined to be one of the top-rated Filipino freelancers and I am now mostly determined to work from home and spend more time with my family.

Written by: Mae Melody San Miguel

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